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Let’s get things back to normal

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Well yeah, but even the slightest mention of Ever After High on text post still goes on the tag

Oh, well whatever then. Thanks for letting me know though.

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Thank you for that post! I'm a lesbian fan and I was really, really disappointed to see he had used that word. It hurts. :(

Honestly I was a little hesitant to post it cause I’m straight and I wasn’t sure if it was my place to say something, with reclaiming slurs and all that, but I think we try to keep the tag pretty kid friendly and welcoming to all so it seemed pretty irresponsible to post that in a place bullied kids or people who are effected by that word could see it.

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You realise your 'lol not tagging this post' was tagged right? Everyone can see that :/

I meant not tagging it ever after high.

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Pretty cute how when a popular artist in the Ever After High fandom uses a slur in the tag everyone just tells them how great their art is.

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Hey guys, I was invited to join Teepublic the other day and have just put up some stuff.

You can get all the Sailor Moon drawings on shirts, and for the next 2 days each one is only $14! You can choose the colour of the shirt and I get a portion of the sales for each shirt sold, so check it out if you’re interested!

Here is my Storefront.

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I think my favourite doll reveal (so far) has been Haunted Twyla! The whole line is fantastic though, I can’t wait for better pictures. My version probably isn’t completely accurate since the only photo we have is pretty small so I had to guess some stuff.

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