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Lolirock collab with my friend and colleague Benedicte. I made the Musical Talia and she made the Magical one.
Drawn with traditional medias. Col erase, Ink pencil, markers and posca.

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Ralph and Russo RTW, fall 2014.

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So much better than the prototype. Thank God!

HAIRY FEETS! *squeal*

Oh wow, I actually REALLY like her face. And excited for those hairy feet too!

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I started my third moleskine sketchbook a year ago, and well, these are all the sketches I made in one year…

I think I definitely need more free time ! `___`

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The Vampire Artbook Kickstarter!

Over 35 artists, 50+ pages of artwork, B&W and colour illustrations and comics, traditional and digital media.
Artists Include:
Addison - Aleksandra Kasmina (arctg) - Alexxander Dovelin - Amanda Lore Apollo - Bree Paulsen - Brittany Peer - Carbatine - Casey Parris - Coey Kuhn - Daviann “Divi” Morais - Del Borovic - Enochcorp - Emma Ehrling - Harteus - Heather Harris - Ingvild ‘Jawsum’ Stenbjørnrød - Jey Levang - KASIABANAS - Kaysha Siemens - Kelly “Arekay” Yeo - Kim “Ysvyri” Myatt - KRMayer Lauren Degraaf - Lisy - Liz Tecca - Lobster - Mariel H. (Lacrimode) - Matt DeMino - Michelle Perez - Mikaela Buckley - Milena Sudomir-Gordon - PhantomSeptember - Savannah Zambrano Shanice Jackson-Ellison - Sydney Cook - Whitney Weydert Yashy
With more to be announced!
This artbook includes a wide range of different vampires, its aim being to showcase and explore just how diverse the concepts of vampires and vampirism truly are, while also focusing on their elegant, lethal, and brutal aspects. 
Don’t miss your chance to invite this revenant-centred work into your home!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I have some work in this book and I’d love for everyone to check it out. It looks so great so far and I really want to see the final product, so please help us meet our funding goal!

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ok but legit though I was really really hoping they’d put in like, rollerblade slalom stunts and shit like that and I’m soooooo stoked they did

you have no idea how impressive that stuff is, guys. I had to animate some of it once and the research involved is HEINOUS, I’m so jazzed to see Disney animate high action like this!!

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Class doodle

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Yohji Yamamoto SS2008

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