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I like the cover of the one in the middle u vu

Yeah, the covers for these books are really nice! I liked the first one in the series a lot, I felt like it wasn’t the most well written book but I got really into it anyway. Actually the cashier who was ringing me up gasped when she saw I was buying it and went “I just read this, it’s great!” lol.

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New books! The second book from The School for Good and Evil, Jillian Tamaki’s new graphic novel This One Summer, and Ladies in Waiting which I grabbed cause it was on sale.

I was surprised to see Jillian Tamaki’s book actually, I thought it wasn’t suppose to come out for a little while longer. It looks fantastic though so I’m glad I found it.

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There, done. I think. The part isn’t the best since she was so thinly rooted I had to add a bunch of holes but I’m pretty sure I got even coverage. I’m going to put in the glue and let it dry since it’s a bit wet from setting the part. The plan is to give her bangs and curl the hair so I think I’ll do that next.

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Sirena’s skin looks kind of different, I wonder if she glows in the dark.

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So I’ve finally got all the stuff to start on this doll. I had to find a Steffie face because that’s the mold I wanted to use, and then I got some hair (nylon, colour is “kitten”) so now I’m all set.

Has anyone used the glue from Dollyhair btw? Is it any good? I bought some just because I didn’t know what kind of glue to buy and that’s what they suggested to use, has anyone had any problems with it?

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New 5 pack ?!?!?!?

also holy effing fuck a boy with pants

I wouldn’t mind getting this 5 pack, three characters I don’t have is much better then the Dance Class one which only had one.

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so beautiful.

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I heard we’re going to get our first look at the character designs for the new anime soon and I’m really excited! I was looking at old Barbie cases so I drew them in that sort of style.

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when u come home from school and take ur makeup off


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