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I am very excited to announce my secret project, an Ever After High short story collection to publish this fall. It will include the previously e-pubbed shorts I did of Madeline Hatter, Briar Beauty, Hunter Huntsman, and Ashlynn Ella as well as new stories about Dexter Charming, Darling Charming, Cedar Wood, Lizzie Hearts, and Kitty Cheshire. As well there will be fun extras, like world maps, the Mad Hatter’s tea shoppe menu, advice cards from The Queen of Hearts to her daughter, The Tale of Two Sisters, and other surprises. My awesome husband Dean contributed his talents to the Lizzie and Dexter stories.

With The Unfairest of Them All coming out last March and A Wonderlandiful World releasing next month, this is turning out to be quite an Ever After year for me!

Clarification: this will be released as a hardcover, available in bookstores everywhere, as well as an ebook

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I made some wings for my Cupid doll. I used this tutorial I found on here but I didn’t use very good feathers (they were the wrong shape, I had to cut each one myself) so they didn’t turn out exactly the same as the ones in the tutorial. But they still work.

I hooked them up to magnets so she could wear them with other clothes and I could move them around if I wanted to.

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Really hoping the new snow girl will be something to do with the new wintery themed doll line ‘Fairest On Ice’ and hoping she’ll be included <3

Or maybe it’s not a line and it’s her tag line instead?

I have no idea anymore, literally.

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whenever i get an ask my immediate reaction is oh shit what did i do

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Oh wait a second, I’m reading about the new fantasy Collector Barbie line and there are a lot of trademarks used for it that were thought to maybe be Ever After High related when they were first found months ago.

Faraway Forest, Crystal Caves, Magical Lagoon, Mystical Meadows, White Woods, and Queen of the Dark Forest are all trademarks for this new line, and they’ve hinted at fairies, water nymphs and mermaid characters being added. I imagine there will be a lot of overlap in the themes they use for these dolls so it’ll be good to keep that in mind when looking at new stuff found on taobao and other sites.

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Hey guys! I heard about this contest to design a poster inspired by Lana Del Rey’s new album and thought I would try it out. 

I would be super grateful to anyone who would go vote for it here, and you can also check out the other entries, there are some great ones. 

I’ve entered a contest! 

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Hahaha I just watched the Freaky Fusions trailers and I’m laughing so hard at how Neighthan is basically a standard Mary Sue.

Zombie/Unicorn hybrid but doesn’t seem to have any of the negative aspects of being a zombie.

Rainbow hair

Magical healing powers and his flaw is being clumsy oh no!!!

And I hear he may have a thing with Frankie? Wow. Honestly this movie doesn’t look as good as the others, maybe I’ll be surprised when it comes out but so far I’m not looking forward to it as much as the last movies.

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A beautifully done interpretation of the Slytherin dorms.

The pool of water/ceiling light is based on the idea of an aristocratic Roman impluvium/compluvium. Gryffindor has a furnace in the center of the dorm rooms, so it seemed like an nice yin-yang effect as Gryffindor=fire and Slytherin=water. I’m not sure if the compluvium would magically let rainwater (and snow, and hail!?) in from the lake above, or not. I think it should.



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Vampire Artbook Open Call


The Vampire Artbook is now accepting submissions!
This vampire book focuses on the concept and aesthetics of vampirism, and is looking for artists and vampires of all kinds. Both illustrations and comics are accepted. 

The submission deadline is September 8th.

Click here for full submission guidelines.
Can’t find in the information you’re looking for on the guidelines or FAQ page? Feel free to send us an ask!

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