Honey Head

Did you guys hear about Rainbows new show Royal Academy? It’s about Rose Cinderella and her friends Hawk Snowwhite, Travis Beast, Pearl Rapunzel and Violet LeFrog. I’m guessing that’s Rose in the picture (cause her shirt has a shoe) and maybe Hawk? He seems pretty distressed at her eating an apple. I guess it’s about how the new generation has different ideas of what their lives should be like and they’re not getting along with their parents/grandparents.

The art looks cute, and they say they put a lot of work into it and we’ll be blown away when we see it so I’m looking forward to it (assuming they dub it in english, or someone subs it atleast). It’s kinda funny how all this fairytale stuff is popping up at around the same time. I imagine it’ll be a while until this actually airs (the “THEY’RE RIPPING OFF EVER AFTER HIGH” will be fun), but it’s interesting how so many companies thought to use fairytales for a theme. I wonder if this is what inspired the sixth season of Winx Club as well.

There is an article here if you want to read it: http://www.awn.com/news/events/rainbow-launches-royal-academy-series 

But yeah, it looks pretty fun. Hopefully we’ll get a air date soon.